Recent Projects

Having a unique global ID associated with a GameObject makes it easy to find what you're looking for without a mess of inter-dependencies.

BTagged's clean, native-feeling UI makes this super simple and surprisingly powerful.

BTween (Coming Soon)

A modern tween library that leverages Unity's Entity Component System to offer previously unattainable performance natively in C#, all behind an elegant and flexible UI. Also featuring a simple API and all source code so you can customise as you and your team requires.

OKGO - Lambchild Superstar

Helping to support the team at Horizons Studios & Within to create an epic music making VR experience. Glorious buttons, fancy networking, deep optimisation and funky automated testing!

Fujitsu RAF 100 - Virtual Airshow

Tasked with engaging up to 5,000 visitors per day, Fujitsu needed a robust & exciting experience that could both encourage STEM subjects for students aged 9-16 and leave them with a memorable experience of the brand. Reflecting Fujitsu’s focus on delivering world-class IT Services and Solutions through the use of a networked Virtual Air Show comprised of 20 Fujitsu tablets, a server and a realtime multi-screen surround audio & visual experience.

Shut The Box!

A high-quality, tactile and optimised version of the classic board game including time-of-day lighting and materials that are unique per-installation and age over time (mobile optimized real-time Allegorithmic substances).

Allmed Dialyzer

Seeking to engage thousands of professionals at the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress in Copenhagen, Allmed required an attractive big screen application to draw people to their stand and increase brand awareness.