Having a unique global ID associated with a GameObject makes it easy to find what you're looking for no matter how it's instantiated and without creating a mess of inter-dependencies. BTagged strives to add a clean, native-feeling UI to make this as simple as possible.

Add to that a reactive system, DOTS/ECS support and reference finding and you have a professional solution that scales with your project.

Available here on the Asset Store.

1. Categorised Tags with search

Nest Tags and Groups to your heart's content.
Duplicate & rename the tags or groups at any time.
Delete a tag or group and your project will be scanned for any references so you can do so in confidence.

2. Reference Finding

Select a Tag in the project view and check out every use in every scene & prefab across your project.

Click the dot to jump straight there.

3. DOTS Workflow

As Unity moves to DOTS/ECS over the coming years, it's good to know that the same workflow not only applies but thrives!

Put a tagged GameObject in a subscene and all tags will be converted to a BlobAssetReference for the entity. Of course the API supports gc-free quick finding of tagged entities, including their hierarchical relationships.

4. Reactive System for GOs

Sometimes it's just really convenient to know when a GameObject is instantiated or destroyed for example. Add a listener to the tag and write code that reacts to whatever spawns in your scene.

Anything Else?

  • Committed to support

  • Comes with all code

  • Any exposed reference of a Tag will automatically inherit the same PropertyDrawer

  • Easily extendable. There are many uses for a property drawer that manages SerializedObjects. In the up-coming BTween package BTagged is used for categorising not only tags but serialized events & animations too.

  • BTagged will come included with BTween when released (ETA early 2021)


Unity 2020.1.0f1 or newer.


Check out BTagged video tutorials here.


Please check out the forum for previously answered questions and help from the community.


Live doc: BTagged Documentation