BTween - Coming Soon

A modern tween library that leverages Unity's Entity Component System to offer previously unattainable performance natively in C#, all behind an elegant and flexible UI. Also featuring a simple API and all source code so you can customise as you and your team requires.

1. Design Once

Create an animation as an asset then drag and drop it wherever you need it. Want those buttons to bounce a little higher? Flash a bit slower? Edit in one place and you're done.

2. Performance

At last, take advantage of all the cores. Whether that means animating more or animating for less energy and keeping your game running longer, it's all good here.

3. Seamless

As Unity moves to DOTS/ECS over the coming years, it's good to know that the animations you make now will only get faster as more systems move over and your workflows change.

4. Extensible

Wouldn't it be nice if you could natively tween anything at all with the same simple UI? No problem - just a few clicks and you can hook-up a shortcut like 'Bounce' to animate your custom MonoBehaviour's property (currently supporting any Float, Vector2, Vector3, Quaternion or Color).


As well as the documentation provided with the package you can find some (hopefully) useful tutorial videos below.


Please check out the forum for previously answered questions and help from the community.